Effective Management.

Managerial Features in WinTrade

WinTrade includes various tools and reports that help managers make effective decisions and set future plans. Using WinTrade, managers can:

  • Obtain an executive summary for selected business activities during a specified period
  • Generate cash flow, fund flow and projected cash flow reports
  • Obtain comprehensive sales/purchases analysis reports including profit information for a selected item, customer or sales representative
  • Control debt and stock aging
  • Examine the impact of changing business conditions with detailed “what if” analytical reports
  • Enforce extensive management policies for sales prices and credit lines, with the consideration of linked accounts
  • Set customer-specific pricing (e.g. Retail, Wholesale, Export, etc.)
  • Project optimal inventory levels and avoid low stock conditions with detailed inventory control reports
  • Calculate sales representatives’ commission based on customizable policies
  • Track budget projection against actual budget
  • Access over 150 detailed reports that assist in tracking and forecasting of all business activities