Inventory Control.

Inventory Control using WinTrade

General Inventory Features

  • Issue transactions and obtain reports in multiple units while maintaining package count
  • Define up to five item attributes (e.g. color, size, design, etc.) for use in transactions
  • Classify market segments using multi-tier item pricing
  • Obtain detailed item transaction, item aging and inventory analysis reports
  • Retrieve information quickly using advanced search capabilities
  • View detailed transaction history of customers & suppliers
  • Assign multiple barcodes to each item
  • Generate custom barcodes for simplified data entry and accurate inventory management
  • Store item photos and related documents (e.g. specification sheets, product manuals, etc.)
  • Print labels for purchased/sold items directly from purchases/sales
  • Utilize volume and weight information for efficient order shipping
  • Maintain unlimited stock taking entries and generate adjustments without interrupting operations

Purchasing Features

  • Cost regular and L/C purchases automatically
  • Distribute expenses based on item attributes (weight, volume, etc.)
  • Update item prices using flexible formula-based calculations
  • Track consignments
  • Add additional expenses on purchases and re-cost at any time to reflect changes
  • Monitor production and expiry dates of purchased items
  • Generate purchases from POs / payment vouchers from purchases
  • Project required inventory levels based on item history

Sales Features

  • Identify slow-moving and low-profit items
  • Generate RVs & GDNs directly from invoices
  • Add service-items to sales invoices
  • Issue sales orders from a specific purchase
  • Observe warnings for reserved quantities, low stock conditions and items sold below target/cost price
  • Manage retail stores using integrated point-of-sale support

Multi-Branch Features

  • Transfer goods between warehouses or branches within an enterprise
  • Track inventory in other branches and process transfers when out-of-stock items are requested
  • Update stock information across all branches automatically