Overview. What is WinTrade?

What is WinTrade?

WinTrade® is a comprehensive business management solution that provides managers with the essential information to run their operations efficiently.  It is a decision support system that highlights the current financial and commercial status of your business to assist in proper decision-making.

Program Features

  • Cash/Fund/Projected flow analysis
  • Multi-branch support and consolidated financial reports
  • Various criteria for defining and tracking credit lines
  • Post-dated payments and returned cheques support
  • Recurring entries
  • Multi-currency transactions
  • Invoice payment and collection tracking
  • Multiple cost center support
  • Account reconciliation
  • Multi-department budgeting
  • Item barcode support
  • Multi-unit / package support
  • Automatic costing of normal & L/C purchases
  • Low-stock report and visual warnings
  • Instant access to customers’ full transaction history
  • Automatic adjustment of physical inventory differences
  • Purchase tracking at all levels including pre-purchase and after-sales
  • Ability to reserve quoted products
  • Point-of-sale support
  • Customizable payment methods
  • Item catalogue & label printing
  • Multi-level document security
  • Private transactions and masked entries
  • Enforcement of management policies
  • Detailed audit-trail
  • Integrated document archiving system
  • Ability to save reports and export data to Excel, PDF and HTML formats
  • Customizable Report Generator
  • Connectivity with compatible handheld devices
  • Data synchronization system
  • Unattended backup system